A short case study … #1

If you are reading this, I’d guess you are interested in renting or buying a cell phone to use while you travel.  If not and you are just visiting at random – hi!

The chaunt.com site does its best to clearly show you how easy it is to buy, not rent, a cell phone to use while in the UK.  But I often find it easier to understand a process when I hear a story, a real life example of what has happened to others.  So here it is, the first in a series of case studies of real life people who have bought a phone from chaunt.com, and what they did with it.

Larry lives in Pittsfield, PA, USA.  He has a wife, Sandy, and two daughters, Holly 17 and Harriet 20.

He travelled to London, UK, last March for a three week holiday with his wife, leaving Holly and Harriet back home.  It was the first time he had been to England, and was intending to cram as much in as possible!

Before travelling, he ordered a phone from chaunt.com.  When he arrived at his hotel, his phone was waiting for him – fully charged, £5 credit waiting to be used, and a simple instruction booklet.

Larry primarily used his phone to call his girls each evening to see how things were going, and perhaps to make sure they weren’t throwing any wild parties!  He also found it really useful for getting around London – he called taxis, phoned about theatre tickets (getting awesome prices!) and to call back to the hotel once when he needed to check what time the bar closed that evening.

The credit lasted about 10 days, so Larry bought a topup voucher from the local store and followed the simple instructions to put another £5 of credit on the phone.

At the end of this three week visit, Larry decided to take his phone back home with him.  He knew that a friend of his, David, was intending to travel to the UK on business in a few weeks, so decided to give the phone to him.

David was extremely grateful, and used the phone for his visit too, staying in touch with his business partners who live in the UK – on one occasion to tell them he was stuck on a broken down train!

(thanks to Larry for sending in this feedback and for giving permission to post it!)

Hope this shows how simple everything is and reinforce the benefits of buying rather than renting.

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