How it works

Say no to cell phone rentalOur philosophy is simple.  No, really – it is “simple” as in “keep it simple”!  Simple idea, simple solution, simple ordering and simple processes.

Here’s a step by step guide to how it works.

  1. Place your order
  2. Enjoy your very own cell phone

What, you wanted more?  Well, in a nutshell that really is it – no background checks, no deposits, no complicated forms.  But here’s the more detailed guide:

  1. Place your order – tell us how many phones you want (if more than 10, get in touch!)
  2. Tell us the address of your hotel and when you expect to arrive (give us 2 days’ notice if you want your phone waiting for you when you arrive)
  3. When you get to your hotel, simply ask reception whether they have a package waiting (they will)
  4. Open the package – you’ll find everything you need in there, including a support number
  5. Use your phone as much as you like – calls to the USA cost only 4p per minute (no, really!) – calls to others in the UK cost 10p per minute – and incoming calls are totally FREE.
  6. If you do use up your £5 credit, you can buy more from thousands of places – just look out for the Lebara mobile logo
  7. At the end of your trip … well, whatever you prefer.  You can: keep your phone; give it to a friend; smash it on the ground; see how long it lasts submerged in the bath; send it back to and get a small reward
  8. That’s right – if you do return your phone, and it’s in good condition, we’ll send $5 back to you as a small thank you.  Simply use the prepaid envelope provided.
  9. Leave a review!  We love to hear what you think – and will even give you an extra dollar for doing so.  So leave a comment here, and we’ll add $1 to your reward if you return your phone.

So that was the long list – still pretty simple I think you’ll agree.  If you do have any further questions, refer to our Q&As.

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