Say no to cell phone rentalThis is what most sites call the “FAQs” or “Frequently Asked Questions”.  But of course, most of the questions haven’t been frequently asked by anyone – they are just what the site owner thinks might be asked.  So that’s what you have here – questions and answers that we here at chaunt.com think might be useful.  But they aren’t extensive, and if you have more, feel free to get in touch.

Q: How do I top up with more credit
A: The SIM included with your phone is from Lebara Mobile, the best value option for calling both back home (or other countries if you wish) and within the UK. Most newsagents and corner stores will sell Lebara Mobile topups – you simply buy your voucher and then follow the simple instructions. You can buy increments of £5, enough for about 2 hours calling back to the US.

Q: No deposit?  No credit check?
A: Nope.  You aren’t renting a Hummer here, it’s a phone.  Its cost isn’t high enough to necessitate a deposit – when you buy from chaunt.com you are buying it outright.  You own it.

Q: No weekly/daily/hourly fees?
A: You own the phone.  You can use it for 67 years if you want to, no extra charge.

Q: Why that phone?
A: The Nokia 3120 is not an iPhone.  Nor is it a Blackberry.  But it is simple and easy to learn.  It does make calls and allow you to send text messages.  And it is reliable – these phones can withstand a lot of abuse (we would recommend not testing this fact until the end of your trip at least!).

Q: Where can I find instructions on how to use the phone?
A: A few basic instructions will be provided in your package – how to turn the phone on, make calls, etc. However if you need more detailed instructions you can find the full user guide here (PDF).

Q: What if I have problems with my phone?
A: In the unlikely event that you do have a problem, just contact us, and we’ll arrange for a replacement to be sent as quickly as possible.

Q: I took my phone home with me, but when I returned to he UK it wouldn’t work!  What happened?
A: Unfortunately the SIM card provider, Lebara, has a policy to disconnect your SIM and number if it isn’t used for 80 days.  It’s a pain but all SIM providers do something similar.  If you contact us we’ll send you a new card, free of charge!

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