SIM card expiration – a warning

I recently found out that Lebara, which I had thoroughly researched and truly believed to be streets ahead of any other SIM providers, deactivate your SIM card if you do not use it for 80 days.

Now that’s not a total disaster – I expect the vast majority of our customers will either use their phone one time and this won’t be an issue, or use it regularly enough to ensure it doesn’t deactivate.  But we also make a big deal of the fact that you can take your cell phone home with you and use it again next time you visit.

You still can – but you will need to get a new SIM card and your number will therefore change.

This is unfortunate and outside of chaunt’s control, and we hope it won’t cause our customers too many issues.  We have looked into alternate providers and they all have similar clauses …

As small recompense, we would like to offer any customer who finds their SIM deactivated a new one free of charge.  Just send us an email with your details and we’ll post it to you.

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