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I am one of those people that sometimes looks at things and thinks:

Ridiculous!  Why is it that way?  Surely it should be easier? Do these people just lack creativity, or are they just trying to rip people off?

Which is exactly what I thought when I looked at the cell phone rental business.  Ridiculous about sums it up, really.  I mean, cell phones are cheap enough to buy brand new nowadays, nevermind good quality refurbished second hand models (like those chaunt.com use).  Why on earth would you pay a massive deposit?  Leave your credit card details, ready to be charged exorbitant rates if you damage or lose the phone you rented?  Pay a daily/weekly/monthly fee, just for a basic cell phone?

You shouldn’t.

Which is why I started chaunt.com.  To do things how they should be done, to sell you a phone to use while travelling – not rent, not loan, not need returning in pristine condition.  But also to make things as simple as possible for you.

When you place an order with us, you get a choice of payment methods – paying via Paypal means you can use any major credit card, or your Paypal account.

You not only get a phone, but a local UK based SIM card which allows you to make super cheap international calls, as well as reasonable UK calls.

You get £5 credit, already applied.

You get clear, simple instructions on how to use your phone, how to top up, how to get in touch with us if you need to.

You get the phone delivered directly to your UK base, be that a hotel, your mom’s or a park bench (okay, the last might be tricky, but we’d try!).

You get to do what you want with your phone once you are done with it.  Throw it out of a window, flush it down the toilet, give it to a friend or family member for their visit, or send it back to us in the prepaid envelope and receive a small ‘thank you’ from us in the form of £5 (about $7.50) credit.

And you get all of this for just about $60.  That’s less than some places charge for just one week’s rental, nevermind the hundreds of dollars you will pay as a deposit.

You obviously think all of this is a great idea too, which is why people order from chaunt.com every day of the week.

Remember kids, say no to cell phone rental.

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